….that would also trigger a Markets Crash and a Global recession is US Public Debt .It’s the first time in history US public debt exceeded $22 trillion. US has to pay $383 billion /yearly to serve the debt with current dollar rates , which is equal to the Budget of Canada and Mexico! Every American owes $67,000 and the amount will keep increasing. The debt is even larger that the profits of all US companies in Fortune 500 list, like AAPL, Amazon, Google,Exxon – Mobil etc. Next Recession will happen with US Debt to historical levels. What would be the implications for Global Economy? What Central Banks will (or rather) can do given the level of exchange rates , the huge amounts of printed money still in the markets and the global bubbles in Bonds, Stocks and Real Estate ?

US Total  Gross External Debt to Total Debt is Skyrocketing :

US Debt and Recessions :

Gap chart between real DPI, GDP, savings rate and cost of living